Sunday, 8 March 2015

Nuclear fuel definition

The nuclear fuel is the material that has been adapted for use in nuclear power generation.
When it comes to nuclear fuel we can be talking about the same item or set that is made ready it can be used for containing the material itself, but also other elements.
The most widely used process involving the nuclear fission fuel.
There are different types of nuclear fuel, but the most common fuel is consisting of fissile elements such as uranium, generating chain reactions in nuclear reactors. The most common isotope in the fission is uranium-235.
Production processes nuclear fuel forms the set called the nuclear fuel cycle.
Another nuclear process is much less used nuclear fusion. In nuclear fusion nuclear fuel used are lightisotopes such as tritium or deuterium.
There are other elements such as plutonium-238, among others, that are used to produce small amounts of nuclear energy by radioactive processes to radioisotope thermoelectric generators atomic piles or other disintegration.

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