Sunday, 10 February 2013

Researchers Make Long-Lasting Bubble Powered By Electricity

Researchers Make Long-Lasting Bubble Powered By Electricity

Ever thought of using electricity to blow a bubble? Out of question, right? Well, not for some physicists. It is a known fact that bubble pops as soon as it touches the floor, as the gravity pulls it down. A team of researchers managed to trap a bubble between two platinum electrodes, cranked up the voltage, as a result of which, the fluid reversed direction and actually flowed up, very much against the force of gravity.

And this new bubble could stay for hours and reportedly even change colours as the walls grew fatter. This has been published in the Physical Review Letters.
The very fact that a soap film in nanometers thick, it is believed that this experiment could actually assist scientists in creating a more efficient labs-on-chips, the mazes of nanotunnels that can diagnose disease based on the movements of a miniscule drop of blood, reports ScienceMags.

Well, let’s see how creatively this new technique is used. Till then, enjoy the thought that there can be a bubble that will not pop!

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